Who whe are

BemPescado  is a Brazilian fair trade association concerned with the implementation of a Fish Processing Unit (UBP) in Ariri, in the extreme south of the state of São Paulo. We seek an alternative approach to trade based on a partnership between producers and consumers, with fair and transparent rules on the environment, the rural fishing community and the full production of fresh and saltwater shellfish and fish in the Cananéia / SP region.


  • The empowerment of at least 50 local households​

  • Regional employment and income increase by 1/3 of present figures

  • Increase community expertise

  • Environmental education

  • Dedicate part of the association's profits towards local development projects - Ariri, State of São Paulo


The Ariri is part of the municipality of Cananéia - São Paulo, on the southern coast of São Paulo. Most of the local economy consists in the subsistent capture of fish and oysters.

Most of the fish in the Brazilian market comes from communities such as this. The lack of technical and logistical support to these artisanal fisherman contributes to their financial deprivation. Traditional communities like this, then, are quickly disappearing

The youth of Ariri are leaving the villages for opportunities in the city, but without the necessary qualification they end up victims of economic inequality and the risk of violence.

BemPescado's proposal is to foster the commercial development of the region - trade and the very handling of fish processing. This promotes community development and the improvement of the per capita income of the population, making it possible to generate income even for those who do not have it

BemPescado is a project initiated by EMAF - the Evangelical Association of Assistance to Fishermen - a non-governmental organization that has been carrying out projects in various areas of social development for 30 years along the entire Brazilian coast.

Ariri is where EMAF settled its first activities, and with their partnership we now see the possibility of benefiting the population of this region with a highly qualified technical staff, a Fish Processing Unit (or UBP) with integrated logistics, and the urban centers in the Southeast and South of Brazil, due to its strategic location. 

What we need

  • Entrepreneurs and interested individuals about this kind of project

  • Financial resources to continue BemPescado's development